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Promotional video for TRACES OF THE WORLD

YouTooday produced the promotional video of Traces. Our goal was to capture the soul of its founder, its sensitivity and human values that make her so special. Through the video we want to show you how that sensitivity and values are transmitted into Traces. We interviewed Katerine: We sat down in front of her, and we flowed to capture that essence and enormous passion of Kate towards her project. She is Traces and Traces is her. Below you can see the video and the wonderful work of Kate that empowers women artisans and gives today’s women those values so rich through those fabrics worked with wisdom, culture, experience and love. We vibrated with the heart and voice of Kate, with her enthusiasm and with the passion to create something that will change the way we buy and dress, which will make us thankful that this land and these women preserve those centennial traditions that make us return to our origin and remember our values.

Clients Traces of the World

Date 04 Jan, 2018

Categories PiMedia®

Website http://tracesoftheworld.com

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