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About Us


We support those who with strong human values are engaged in Social Good and Social Innovation. We believe in people and in the thriving force of passion and values, reinforced by the purpose of life of each person. Alone, we can generate Positive Impact, but together, Positive Impact is much greater and able to reach much further: Together we are limitless.

Our incredible Team

We are based in Barcelona, Spain, and in the Ivory Coast.

We believe in the power of human values, inspiration and collaboration. Together we are limitless!

Jeannette MeierFounder & CEO

Melba ValéryGlobal Marketing & Management Africa

Xavier PrattGlobal Creative Director

Sara CodinaCommunity Builder & Fundraising Manager

Giuseppe VassalloDigital Marketing Manager

Sébastian LonguevilleMarketing Manager Africa

Rémi BriandCreative & Audiovisual Manager Africa

YouTooday is a social business improving Positive Impact for a sustainable and just world for all.

We create a movement of Positive Impact, empowering, connecting and inspiring People. We promote Leaders with values, collaboration and social responsibility. We communicate about social actions and projects showing the Persons behind the initiatives with their human values, passion and purpose.
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